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Improve Patients Waiting Experience

Patient Paging Systems improve patient flow and releive stress during waiting times, Pager Call Systems patient call systems are used in hospitals & NHS Trusts throughout the UK

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QuietCall Patient Call System

 QuietCall Patient Call System Patient Pager

The smart QuietCall Patient Pager System offers up to 30 pagers in one convenient charging rack. With a total capacity of up to 999 pagers on each system QuietCall has the capacity to handle even the largest hospital department. QuietCall is easy to install and simple to use.

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QuietCall helps to control the spread infectious diseases with Antibacterial Pagers 

QuietCall Antibacterial PagerQuietCall Pagers are made using antibacterial plastics helping to control the spread of infectious diseases such as Staphylococcus & Escherichia coli.

QuietCall IQ Patient Pagers have replaceable inserts offering the option to incorporate your own advertising and branding on each pager, many hospitals utilise this to promote the coffee shop or restaurant bringing in much needed revenue.

Our powerful QuietCall transmitter has a range of up to two miles and QuietCall systems operate on a frequency specifically allocated in the UK for on site paging systems, QuietCall is guaranteed not to interfere with any other equipment within the hospital including staff bleep systems, pacemaker's, hearing aids and other medical equipment.

With our patented SmartChargeâ„¢ technology and long life batteries QuietCall IQ Patient Pagers offer the best low maintenance solution available to hospitals.

 Renumber Pagers With The Press of A Button

Pager Renumber



QuietCall's automatic pager numbering system means pagers can be renumbered at the press of a button, automatic renumbering guarantees the flexibility to move pagers from one department to another if required without the need for reprogramming of pagers, simply press the program button on the charge rack and pagers are renumbered automatically. No other system offers renumbering at the press of a button.





QuietCall Patient Pagers are utilised in hospitals throughout the UK to help improve patients waiting experience, issuing a patient pager helps to promote better healthcare and relieve the stress that can be experienced from being confined to a busy waiting area. QuietCall Systems are used in hospital departments such as Outpatients, Oncology, Pharmacies, Theatres to name a just a few. QuietCall can also integrate seamlessly with many patient management systems.

If you would like to find out more about integrating QuietCall patient paging with your existing system contact our team on 0845 6444109 for further information.