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Improve Patients Waiting Experience

Patient Paging Systems improve patient flow and releive stress during waiting times, Pager Call Systems patient call systems are used in hospitals & NHS Trusts throughout the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions (click the question to reveal the answer)

We have answered some of the most common questions here however, if you would like to speak with us personally please do not hesitate to call us on 0845 6444109 or use our contact form.

+ What about infection control?
+ How do I make sure I dont lose pagers?
+ Can we add more pagers to the system if we need them?
+ Our site is very large, will the QuietCall system cover all of the site?
+ We need systems in more than one department, is this possible?
+ Who else uses QuietCall?
+ How do we work out how many patient pagers we will need?
+ Is it possible to call patients from multiple areas?
+ How many pagers come with a system?
+ Will the system interfere with any other equipment at the hospital such as pacemakers or our nurse bleep system?
+ Can we see a system working?
+ Do you offer advice on how we can use a system in our department?
+ How do we arrange a meeting?