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Improve Patients Waiting Experience

Patient Paging Systems improve patient flow and releive stress during waiting times, Pager Call Systems patient call systems are used in hospitals & NHS Trusts throughout the UK

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QuietCall All In One Patient Call System

 Hospital Paging System Patient Call Pager

The QuietCall All In One patient paging system is the ideal solution when space is at a premium, QuietCall All In One is a combined transmitter & charger combined in one unit. QuietCall All In One patient call system can be used with our IQ digital antibacterial pagers & our QuietCall IQLTD pager.

QuietCall Pagers are made using antibacterial plastics which help to control the spread of infectious diseases such as Staphylococus & Escherichia coli.

Inserts on the pager can be customised with your own design and messaging offering the opportunity to promote restaurants & cafe's within the hospital facility.

QuietCall All In One patient systems hold up to 15 pagers & can be expanded with the addition of further charge racks with a total capacity of up to 999 pagers on one system.


Generating Revenue

Using the customisable inserts on IQ pagers offers the opportunity to encourage patients to use the facilities available within the hospital whelst waiting for their appointment. May hospitals have found that the revenue generated by additional sales in the restaurants and cafes on site help fund a QuietCall System.