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Improve Patients Waiting Experience

Patient Paging Systems improve patient flow and releive stress during waiting times, Pager Call Systems patient call systems are used in hospitals & NHS Trusts throughout the UK

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Improve Your Hospitals Waiting Experience with a Patient Paging System

Improving Patient Flow & Reducing StressHospital Solutions

A Hospital visit can be a stressful experience for many outpatient's, often extended waiting times beyond the scheduled appointment time are unavoidable, this can also add to the stress. Utilising QuietCall Patient Paging System can help reduce the stress levels in a busy outpatient department. Offering a QuietCall Pager to a patient will free them from the confines of the waiting room and allow them to relax in the hospitals cafe or even roam outside for a breath of fresh air.

QuietCall Patient Paging

Pager Call Systems offers a choice of QuietCall systems ranging from stand alone systems to fully networked solutions with a comprehensive wait list management. QuietCall Pagers are used in hospitals & medical centres throughout the UK and are designed to fit in seamlessly with any department.                                                       

Using QuietCall in a department reduces congestion and helps improve the appointment process - Upon arrival patients are issued a pager and informed that they will be called to return to the waiting room when they are required for their appointment. When the patient is needed a staff member enters the patients pager number to call. The pager will then flash & vibrate to alert the patient that they are required for their appointment.

Offering patients the opportunity to move away from a busy or congested waiting not only provides a better waiting experience, it also reduces the burden on busy staff who no longer have to deal with frustrated patients asking when they will be seen. This allows medical staff to focus on important tasks and spend quality time with patients that do need attention.

The clever QuietCall IQ pager design also offers revenue generating opportunities for the facility, the IQ pager has user changeable inserts which can be customised with the hospitals or departments branding & promote the use of the hospitals coffee shops & restaurants. Once a patient is given a pager they can relax in the coffee shop or restaurant and enjoy a snack or meal.

Pagers can also be offered to parents who may have accompanied a child to the hospital for medical treatment, if a child has undergoing surgery a worried parent will often have to wait close by to the recovery area whilst the child wakes from anaesthetic, offering the parent a pager to call them back to recovery when the child is ready enables them to relax and wait in a more convenient area.

Infection Control

With Infection control in hospitals & medical centres being a high priority we wanted to ensure that pagers supplied with our patient paging systems are made using the best antibacterial plastics available, in clinical tests our antibacterial pagers showed a major reduction for traces of Staphylococcus & Escherichia coli.

Using patient pagers to ease congestion in waiting rooms reduces the number of patients having to wait in a confined area, easing congestion in waiting areas and offering the freedom to move to other areas also helps reduce transmission of colds & infections.

Hospital Charities

Pager Call Systems often works closely with fund raisers & charities who have close links with a hospital or department, offering funding for a patient paging system is an excellent way for a charity to provide equipment to a hospital that offers a direct benefit to the patient. In many cases hospital departments would like to have a patient paging system but may not have the available funding or can only fund part of the cost. By including the charities details on all of the pager inserts a charity is also not only recognised as the organisation providing the service to patients they also have the opportunity to raise the charities profile amongst patients & visitors and hopefully receive extra donations.